Vision: Values and Purpose


  1. Clinical education is a collaborative effort between the clinical and academic communities.
  2. Clinical education is an equal and essential component to the professional education of physical therapists and physical therapy assistants.
  3. Successful clinical education is an equally shared responsibility among students, clinical faculty and academic faculty.
  4. Collaboration among physical therapy educational programs in the Philadelphia area is essential to optimal clinical education outcomes.
  5. We accept responsibility to conduct our affairs in a collegial manner and with a firm sense of integrity.


  1. Promote communication and cooperation among the physical therapy educational programs in the Philadelphia area.
  2. Promote cooperation in clinical education planning, both in the education program and in the clinic.
  3. Promote clinical faculty development.
  4. Provide opportunity for development of research efforts in clinical education.
  5. Serve as a support group for ACCE’s.
  6. Serve as advocates for clinical education in the physical therapy profession at
    the local, regional and national levels.
  7. Foster the development of new ACCE’s.